Interclassics at Brussels Expo

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 17-18-19 November it was back Interclassics Brussels. Call it the biggest indoor classic car event in the country. We take you through this annual event.

Theme 100 years 24 hours of Le Mans

Most indoor classic car events work around themes and so does Interclassics in Brussels. This year’s theme was 100 years of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. It must be said that they really did their best at Interclassics this year.

The entire patio of the Brussels Expo was laid out as a veritable Le Mans site. With more than 20 racing cars on display, this was quite an impressive exhibition with plenty of masterpieces.

In addition to these magnificent cars, there were exclusive autograph sessions with Emanuele Pirro,Jürgen Barth and Belgian driver Christine Beckers. This trio signed for no less than six Le Mans overall wins and six class victories at the famous French circuit.

Matra MS660

We also saw a Matra MS660 with its in-house developed V12. This car produced a sound that once you heard it on track you may never forget. The Matra-developed V12 had a displacement of 2899 cc and produced 450 hp at 9500 rpm. The car was produced from 1969 to 1972

Turbine car

Every car on display has its own history and many of the cars on display also have victories on their records. But one still attracted special attention because of its rather striking exhaust pipes.

The prototype in question is a Howmet TX. Of this helicopter-turbine-powered prototype, it is fair to say that it is pretty special after all. This American car was developed and built by Bob Mc Kee and Ray Heppenstall with the aim of racing in the 1968 World Endurance Championship.

This Howmet XT is the first and only turbine-powered car ever to win a race. It competed in numerous races including the 24 hours of Daytona, 12 hours of Sebring, the Brands Hatch 500 BOAC and the 24 hours of Le Mans.

The turbine produces 400 hp at 57000 rpm for a weight of just 750 kgr. The Howmet was completely restored in 2005 and also received a new turbine as the old one was found to be beyond repair.

Team Feryn with Koen Wauters

Everyone probably knows that Koen Wauters can sing. Many also know that he is a passionate rally driver. He has many Paris-Dakar adventures on his record of achievements. Between 1996 and 2012, Koen took part in this very challenging rally twelve times. Koen took a ten-year break to see his children grow up but now the adventure beckons again.

After the setback of not being able to start last year, they are now ready for a new adventure with team Feryn. With an all-new and especially much lighter car, they will start in Monaco in early January. They will take part in the Africa Eco Race, which is similar to the former Dakar rally when it still took place in Africa. We are going to follow them 😉

Aston Martin Victor

There are some of those cars you almost never get to see. This Victor from Aston Martin is one of those. That we get to see this one-off may be because there is a Belgian side to it. The car was built entirely by hand by Aston Martin’s special Q department for a Belgian customer.

The owner had a lot of say in the construction of this car and so it has a pretty rare manual transmission. That exclusivity has to be paid for is explained by the €2.3 million price tag.

D’Ieteren is prominent in the scene

The most striking stand is undoubtedly that of the D’Ieteren group. They are present with Bentley, Porsche and Lamborghini on an area of 3,000 m².

Whether so much ‘young’ violence really fits at a classiccar salon we will leave in the middle. In any case, they are beautiful cars with a real engine still.

75 years of VW Belgium

On 17 March 1948, i.e. 75 years ago, D’Ieteren signed an agreement with the Wolfsburg-based marque to import VW into Belgium from then on. During this edition of Interclassics, the Belgian VW Club will put the anniversary in the spotlight in palace 4. Eight models adorn the really nice stand

Award ceremonies

Most classic car shows involve judging certain cars. So almost every time, you come across a ‘Best of Show’ or a ‘Best Restoration’ etc. Of course, it is no different here. We like to pick two of them for you.

In the “Best of the sixties” category, the first prize was for this Aston Martin DB4.

This Volvo Amazon once belonged to the Scandinavian Police and was on display in exceptionally good condition at the Volvo club stand. It deservedly received ‘The Special’ award

Fewer themes more sales

In the past, Interclassics almost always had several themes. Now there was only one, namely the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This theme was very nicely developed without any discussion. It would have been even nicer if there had been a second or third theme. Now, apart from that one theme, there were many dealers where the cars were often very close together on their stands (although there are exceptions).

Nice variety

The traders present had done their best though by coming up with a very varied offer. We still remember editions where you could see Porsche 911s in almost every direction you looked. Fortunately, this is different now. This variety only makes a visit to Interclassics more interesting.


Notwithstanding the logo on the bonnet and the hubcaps, this is not a BMW but an EMW. Written in full Eisenacher Motoren Werk. This is a BMW 340 Typ 340-0 EMW built in 1950. This is a rare example as only three more are known worldwide. The car has undergone a very thorough restoration and is in exceptionally good condition. The price was on request.

Low budget department

We saw plenty of dream cars during our visit to Interclassics Brussels. But very often, these cars are financially unattainable for many visitors. That is why for several editions there has also been a section where the offer remains under 25,000 euros.

Often these are youngtimers but here and there, there is a real gem among them like this 1967 BMW1600-2.

Art & artists

At most indoor events, there are a number of stands with artworks and this time was no different. To our senses, there was even more on offer than at previous editions.

Besides, it is always fun to see artists at work.


Interclassics never disappoints, including this year. In terms of visitor numbers, a record may have been broken and we could see that during our visit. The interest in classic cars is far from waning. The beautiful theme and the completely filled halls with the most beautiful classic cars clearly appeal to people.

You can always find more info on the Interclassics website.

By the way, InterclassicsMaastricht will be held in January, perhaps an idea to note down in your diary already! Tickets are already on sale.