A local-born timepiece, discover the limited Antigua from Belgium’s Méraud.

Méraud proves that creativity in terms of timepieces does not always have to come from Switzerland. Meet their new Antigua model in this article.


The fact that we should be proud of our small country in terms of innovation is expressed far too little. As Belgians, we are usually modest and are rather a people of deeds and few words. Méraud as a small Belgian watch manufacturer fits completely into this philosophy.

The name Méraud is derived from two French words, “mer” (sea) and “émeraude” (emerald) and symbolizes the connection with the sea and something precious.

Driven by passion and based on the philosophy that there is inherent beauty in simplicity and functionality, Méraud was founded in 2018 by Stijn Busschaert. After a long period of collecting watches himself and being an active member of the Belgian Watch Club, he felt it was time to put his passion into practice. This resulted in his first model the Bonaire, which was successfully launched worldwide.

In 2019, he got the idea for designing a manual chronograph. After a 2-year search for the right movement, this was found in the Landeron 248, a movement with a long history and powerful pedigree.

Landeron was a Swiss watch manufacturer founded in the late 19th century. In 1924, the company began producing chronograph movements and built a solid reputation making this type of movement. Until 1970, this specialized company continued to make chronograph timepieces but unfortunately with the advent of the quartz watch and declining sales of mechanical watches, the company stopped, despite its impressive movements.

Stijn’s search and finding a limited quantity of “New Old Stock” of the Landeron 248 made it possible to produce a limited run of 200 pieces of the new Antigua model.

The name Antigua finds its origin in one of the most renowned regattas in the world namely the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta in the Caribbean. The regatta timer on the watch can be used by a sailing crew to count down to the start of the race. This allows their yacht to build up speed until close to the starting line.


The Antigua timepiece model is available in 2 different versions, the “Miho Black” and the “White Sands,” where the difference is only in the dial. Both versions will be made in a limited run of 100 pieces.

The watch, as previously mentioned, is powered by the Landeron 248, a hand-wound movement with a 30-minute chronograph hand at 3 o’clock, a central 60-second hand, hour and minute hands equipped with Super-Luminova and a small seconds hand resembling the needle of a nautical compass at 9 o’clock.

The movement ticks at 18000 vibrations per minute and has a power reserve of 41 hours.

Each movement is completely revised and comes with a “MERAUD” engraving on the bridge of the movement. All of this can be admired through the transparent caseback of the movement which is executed in sapphire glass.

Besides aesthetics and elegance, there is certainly no sacrifice in terms of functionality. This can be found in a 100m water resistance, uni-directional bezel equipped with Super-Luminova and an easy-to-use and read chronograph. On the outside of the dial we also find a tachymeter scale.

Belgian craftsmanship was also used for the watch strap. The watch strap is made of high-quality French Nubuck leather and is made in collaboration with Molequin. This Belgian manufacturer is known for its excellent quality, outstanding craftsmanship and a “less is more” vision. Through a like-minded vision and approach to their products, this initially led to a collaboration that over time turned into a true friendship.

In addition to the leather Molequin strap with Méraud inscription on the back, the timepiece also comes with an additional rubber strap that effortlessly withstands any regatta. A steel strap also belongs to the possibilities and can be ordered separately as an option.


40mm diameter (bezel) – 39mm at the case.
13.5mm in height. 316L stainless steel case and finished with brushed sides, round brushed strap ends which also feature a piercing for quick strap changes. Uni-directional bezel fitted with Super-Luminova markings and sapphire crystal, referring to the Bakelite used in the 1960s.

Swiss-Made, hand-winding, “new old stock” Landeron 248 movement with 41h power reserve. The bridge of the movement is engraved with the Méraud logo. The movement was produced in the 1960s and is no longer in production today. Each movement has been completely overhauled.

2 years

1750 Euros VAT excl.


We can only applaud this local Belgian creativity and enterpreneurship. The Antigua timepiece with a beautiful authentic movement, high craftsmanship and all that at very accessible price point ensures that we can speak of a winner.

Starting Feb. 7, 2023, the Antigua will be available in a limited edition of 200 pieces, so this is a timepiece for the quick decision makers who love a unique timepiece.

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