Our top ten of 2023

That 2023 was a busy one you should have noticed. The three of us posted more than 50 articles. In 2024, we will again put our best foot forward to spoil you with great articles. Clockworks, classic car races, indoor and outdoor events and maybe another New Year’s Eve comparison. It’s all in the pipeline.

I (speaking for myself) have made a small selection of cars that stood out for me this year. There are images of myself but also of Joris. He is by far the man who knows everything about racing cars. I think it is also fair to say that there is a certain fondness for the 24 Hours of Le Mans and everything to do with it. So that’s where I’ll start.

This Matra MS 670 was unbeatable between 1972 and 1974, delivering a veritable hat-trick with three consecutive wins.

A Ford GT40 should not be missing from the list, in my opinion. Here during the Spa Six Hours weekend with Dario Franchitti at the wheel.

At Salon Privé London, I met brothers Neil and Andrew Greenhouse of the Smalest Cog. Richard Hammond was obviously going to walk with much attention but it is the brothers above who did the restoration. They presented a beautiful Delahaye 135 MS here.

One of the most legendary Lotus models is undoubtedly the 72 F1 car. For six years, the career of perhaps (according to Joris) one of the most beautiful Formula 1 cars ever lasted. 

During Interclassics in January, there was a Formula 1 special. This bright yellow Talbot Lago 26c was a winner on the Zandvoort circuit in 1950 and 1951.

During the Zolder Historic GP, Joris managed to take this photo. An NS Prinz on two wheels on the Zolder circuit.

This Bentley Speed 8 from Le Mans winner in 2003 with Tom Kristensen, Rinaldo Capello and Guy Smith. This Bentley is one of the cars that both I and Joris have a fondness for. For me personally, one of the most beautiful Le Mans cars.

As every year, birthdays are celebrated. This year, Lamborghini blew out 60 candles. This year, we visited Wheels at The Palace Soestdijk for the first time. A very nicely organised event at our northern neighbours. The Lamborghini Miura is without doubt one of the more beautiful autos in history.
Wesley wrote an interesting article about a timepiece made from a piece of Miura, that way you can always wear a bit of Lambo around your wrist. You can read all about it here.

Qvick’s BMW 320i turbo is one of the cars we have come across several times over the past year. Both static and here during the OGP at the Nürburgring, this is a strikingly beautiful sight. Pictured here by Joris.

Not featuring our favourite car museum is really not an option. One of the many exhibitions this year covered a piece of the Mahy collection. Any exhibition organised by Autoworld Brussels is definitely worth your visit.

We wish you and your loved ones a fantastic 2024 in which you may cover many carefree miles I the vehicle that gives you the most pleasure. Our timekeeper Wesley will make sure that with the right timepiece, you will never be late for your dates again.

Patrick, Joris & Wesley