Swatch, together with Blancpain, is launching the Scuba Fifty Fathoms.

After the highly successful launch of the Moonswatch, Swatch is trying it again with Blancpain, reintroducing the Fifty Fathoms in a bioceramic jacket.


The Moonswatch collaboration launched in March 2022 between Swatch and its sister company Omega from the Swatch group was such a success that Swatch is now trying it with another brand from the Swatch group. With 17 different brands, they already have plenty of choice and out of these, Blancpain was chosen with their Fifty Fathoms model timepiece as a base.

Created 70 years ago by a passionate diver, the original Fifty Fathoms timepiece revolutionized watchmaking by becoming the first timepiece to successfully meet all the needs of underwater exploration.

The collaboration between Swatch and Blancpain results in an affordable version costing about 390 euros, which is a fraction of the 15,000 euros you normally pay for “the real deal” Fifty Fathoms.

The timepiece

The timepiece has all the characteristics of the original movement and is also available in 5 variations representing the 5 oceans of the world.

These are: the beige-red Arctic Ocean, the yellow-orange Pacific Ocean, an intense blue Atlantic Ocean, the green Indian Ocean and a gray Antarctic Ocean. Each version has a different dial as well as a different beautiful drawing on the rotor at the bottom of the movement that can be viewed through the transparent back of the movement.

A very big change from the MoonSwatch is the movement. Since the MoonSwatch is powered by a Quartz movement, all models of the Scuba Fitty Fathoms are powered by the automatic SISTEM51 movement of the Swatch group. This movement is composed, as the name suggests, of 51 components and has a power reserve of no less than 90 hours. The water resistance of the movement is Fifty Fathom which corresponds to 200 feet or 91 meters. The case made of bioceramic with its dimensions of 42.3 mm in diameter and 14.4 mm height, this version is just slightly smaller than the “real” Fifty Fathoms.

Bioceramic is Swatch’s patented ecoplastic alternative, a polymer made from the oil of castor beans with zirconium oxide, a ceramic substance used for scratch-resistant, robust, hypoallergenic cases. There is one caveat we do want to point out about Bioceramic’s choice for a timepiece that promotes the wonders of the sea. Although Bioceramic’s carbon footprint is lower than that of traditional plastic, it remains a non-biodegradable polymer that can contribute to plastic pollution in the long run.

The strap of the watch, on the other hand, is better thought out. It is NATO style and made of recycled fishing nets fished up from the sea, which gives an extra link to the sea and helps the watch to reduce its ecological footprint.

The timepiece will be available from Sept. 9, 2023 offline only at a Swatch Boutique, but you’ll have to be quick as MoonSwatch history repeats itself. Here were miles of people lining up at the launch date.


42,3mm diameter, bioceramic available in 5 differtent color variants, 91m (50 fathoms) water resistant.

Swatch SISTEM51 automatic amagnetic movement with just 51 parts and 1 central screw. Power reserve 90 hours

Functions : Hours, minutes, seconds with date between 4 and 5 o’clock.

390 Euro


If you are a true diving enthusiast then 1 or more of these playful editions belongs in your collection.

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